Music is the stuff of magic for Seilen.


Her first official instrument other than her voice, was the violin at age six, she practiced it for seven years, then took one year of piano at the conservatory and self-taught herself guitar during her teens. In 1999, she left Switzerland to spend eight years in the United States, moving from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again where she first started musical production in the early 2000's.


This is where she started to build and manipulate her sound, to venture and experiment with different styles, ranging from death / black metal (Nicodemus) to opera (Nashville Opera Association).


In 2008, she returned to Switzerland and since then she has continued composing/producing, playing shows as well as lending her voice for professional backings, cuts and voice-overs. She has worked with national / international artists such as:

DJ Deheb (FR / CH),  DJ Slat-5 (CH), DJ Synapse Trap (USA / China), SoFoReal Productions (USA), Dalëk (USA),
DJ Ursa (USA), DJ Albruic (CH), Shaper / Shaypah (CH), VANYA a.k.a BAHR (DE/RU), Spokenn (USA), Mark Kelly (CH/UK), Peter King (CH/USA - Playground), 2mo'key (JAP), BlueChan (KOR), to name a few.

She recently released a collaborative album with acolyte Deheb (FR) on the label Feelin' Music. Seilen is currently eagerly composing new tracks for the next ELE FANTAY opus, as well as performing live.

Seilen has been featured on albums such as;

"Splendom" by Ben Krahl (DE), "Visions of the Future" by AOSº (CH), "Pieces of the World"  by Tomoaki Hashiguchi a.k.a 2mo'key (JAP). For exclusive news she will also be found on the latest album of Dalëk (USA) and the upcoming album of Remi Pee (FR).


Artists like:


Björk, Prince, Miles Davis, Erykah Badu, Stephanie McKay, Muhsinah, Telefon Tel Aviv, Jamiroquai, Zero 7, Radiohead, Lady, Tori Amos, The Young Gods, Mogwai, Billie Holiday, Aphex Twin, Tool, Massive Attack, PJ Harvey and many more profoundly influenced the artist, whose music is distinctly eclectic..

Artist Statement

I see the knowledge and creation of music as a means of sensory explosion. Creating music reveals to us so much about ourselves. Composing gives me a way to communicate these aspects to those around me.


This process requires a lot of freedom, between the composer and the music, and between the musician or singer and the listener. I think the magic and power of music comes when you allow it to touch you in a psychological, emotional and / or physiological way and music then not only offers to all participants a freedom of interpretation but also the possibility of release from various psychological, emotional and / or physiological stresses that our current society or our respective boundaries may inflict upon us.


For example, the best concerts are measured by how you feel connected to the music and the musicians while on stage, captivated, and also the connection to the other members of the audience, as the feeling lingers after the concert is over.


A lasting proof of interconnectedness, if the music or lyrics resonate with a part of you or that you have the freedom to interpret it with your personal intuition, then this feeling and experience can follow you throughout your day, week or more. You appropriate yourself a piece of someone else’s dream and/or creation.

My past experiences are firmly rooted in a rich tradition of jazz, funk, soul, classical and folk to name the main influences from my childhood. My taste for electronic sounds also embraces a spirit of innovation. In my songs, I aspire to create a connection.

I do this by focusing on the clarity and stimulation of my musical ideas, while retaining some organic sounds, offering also surprising new elements through electronic sounds, dissonance and / or industrial vibrations.

I am trying to create a cinematic auditory journey where music is constantly moving and evolving. My belief is that music must be played with conviction and generosity. I try to create something that can be enjoyed by all types of listeners, from the radio freaks to the listeners with a wide exposure to a diverse palette of genres, while trying to express myself artistically in an original, personal and authentic way.

- Seilen

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